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Our story

We are a vastly growing wholesale for mobile-, tablet- and computer parts and accessoires. We have 5 different warehouses in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. With more then 20 years experience, we know exactly what our customers want. We must have high quality products, good service, low prices and a large inventory. That's what we aim to deliver.

What do we aim to deliver.

Quality that fits you best.

Every customer is different, and we value that. That's why we try to have the best quality that fits you best. Original or copy, with or without frame. You name it, we have it. We have personally selected and instructed all of our manufacturers and suppliers. Apart from that, we continuously monitor the quality of all our suppliers and products so we can make sure they meet our standards. This way we can ensure you receive products with the highest quality possible. 

Personal attention

A good relationship with you is very important to us. We think frequent communication and interaction with our clients is required to see what is important for them and how we can improve our products and services.

All our clients get a personal contact person who is assigned immediately after registration. You can always reach your contact person via a phone call, WhatsApp message, text message or email for all your questions, comments or any problem you may be experiencing.

Our future

We are a rapidly growing company with no plans to slow down in the near future. We are always working on improving and developing our company to be able to deliver the best products and service to you.